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Barbie Movies' Soundtrack

Hey everyone,
Here are some soundtracks of the Barbie movies, unfortunately I don't have them all. Still, I hope you'll like them.
The links are MU liks but I can upload them to MF if needed
finally The Barbie Diaries Soundtrack is included as well. The audio codec is MP3 with 320 kbit/s that I converted from FLAC (lossless) files. If you want the original ones or want me to upload them to a different file sharing site, write me a reply here and I'll see what I can do. ^^ Also, if you have requests regarding other Barbie movie songs, you can write me about them as well.


Barbie Sings! The Princess Movie Song Collection

Songs from Barbie Fairytopia

The Barbie diaries Movie Soundtrack

Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow
Music Inspired by the Movie

Barbie as The Island Princess
All Your Favourite Songs From The Movie

Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Original Soundtrack

Barbie in A Christmas Carol Soundtrack

Barbie PRINCESS Charm SCHOOL Soundtrack

Barbie A Perfect Christmas

Barbie THE Princess & THE Popstar [English]
[Original files from the official site, when the CD will be released when I'll have money for the iTunes album I'll upload that version]

Tags: media: songs, movie: a perfect christmas, movie: christmas carol, movie: diamond castle, movie: fairytopia, movie: fairytopia magic of the rainbow, movie: island princess, movie: nutcracker, movie: princess and the pauper, movie: princess and the popstar, movie: princess charm school, movie: rapunzel, movie: swan lake, movie: the barbie diaries
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